10 Things You Didn’t Know about EPIC -NYS’s Prescription Assistance Program for Seniors


NYS, like 15 other states, has a wonderful prescription assistance program for seniors called EPIC. It can make a huge difference for seniors, if they only knew about it.

10  very important things that you probably never knew about EPIC

1.The EPIC plan is used by more than 300,000 New York seniors who are over 65. However, EPIC members only represent 10% of New York’s 3 million seniors and there are many more people who are eligible and could benefit from the program.

2. EPIC is not a substitute for a Medicare Part D drug plan, but rather a supplement for low to moderate income individuals. In many cases, EPIC will actually pay for part or all of your Part D premium.

3. The EPIC program income eligibility is $75,000 for an individual and $100,000 for couples. Income is based on your last year’s federal 1040 tax return, line 22 (total income). EPIC does not look at your assets (cash, investments, property etc) or your expenses, only your reported income and they verify what you report with your tax return.

4. EPIC provides financial assistance in two areas- it provides a subsidy for individuals who’s income and resources are above Medicare’s Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) criteria but below EPIC’s limit of $23k (ind.) and $29k (couple), to pay for the cost of your Part D premium (up to $39/mo. in 2018). Secondly, EPIC subsidizes the cost of of your prescription drugs (after any deductible in the plan has been met). Your cost of medications with the EPIC subsidy will range from only $3 to $20 per monthly prescription.

Medicare DrugCost

This benefit can be worth tens of thousands of dollars for people with expensive medications to treat chronic diseases such as hepatitis B, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, multiple sclerosis and various form of cancers. This includes medications that may be excluded from your Part D’s formulary.

5. EPIC can pay for either part of your Medicare Advantage’s drug component or a stand alone Part D plan that is used with original Medicare and Medigap plans

6. EPIC can even pay for Part D penalties in some cases if your drug plan premium is under $39/month

7. If you are eligible for an EPIC Part D subsidy, don’t quickly sign up for a zero premium Medicare Advantage plan. You should look at better plans with lower co-pays and added benefits- dental, health club that may cost you little or nothing to upgrade your health plan coverage and may not have a deductible.

8. Applying for EPIC is easy- just complete the half page application and mail it in.

9. EPIC has a small annual member fee for low-income people (under $20k (i) and $26k (c) who are eligible to receive the Part D premium subsidy up to $39/mo. For people with income over $20K (i) or $26k (c), there is no program fee but rather a deductible that needs to be met based on your income. The annual deductible starts at $62 (i)  and $182 (c) and increases with your income. The deductible needs to be met before you’re eligible to receive the subsidized prescription rates..

10. EPIC members are entitled to a Special Enrollment Period once a year, if they want to change their prescription drug plan. This could result in better medical and drug coverage or lower premiums.

For more information and an EPIC application call 800-332-3742

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